Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giving the gift of Preparedness

Here are some ideas for food storage or preparedness gifts from under $5 to $50. I bet you can think of many more. If you have a favorite preparedness gift you like to give, or one that you have gotten, post it in the comments.

Preparedness Christmas gift Ideas:

$5 or under
3 ring Preparedness binder with home and food storage information papers or recipes inside and emergency essentials booklet
5 gallon water jug
100 hour emergency candle
A year’s supply of Salt ( 8lbs. per person per year)
Burn cream
Basic car first aid kit
Emergency poncho or sleeping bag
24 pack water & 1 gallon bleach
Hand warmers
Light sticks
Water proof matches

$6 - $10
Tri-fold shovel for car
Portable toilet lid (fits 5 gallon bucket
Flashlight and extra batteries
First Aid kit
Polar fleece blanket for car (or buy fleece & make it)
Dry bean soup mix
Folding saw
Sewing kit (small portable)
24 pack TP
Extra Batteries

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Bucket Car Kit (Band-Aids’, emergency blanket, food, flashlight, gloves
Flashlight and radio (hand crank)
Fire extinguisher
Respirator masks
Portable Toilet lid & kit
Year supply of Band-Aids
6 #10 cans of oats
Rechargeable lantern (plug in with batteries)
Year supply of toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste

$21- $30
45 lb. bucket of oats
Food storage starter kit
15 gallon water jug
45lb. bucket of wheat
Portable butane stove
NOAA Radio with batteries
Sleeping bag
Fireproof/waterproof briefcase to store important documents
Solar battery charger
Sanitation kit – port-a-potty lid & bucket to store, TP hand sanitizer, bags shower curtain, rope, cat litter
Year supply of pasta 6 #10 cans pasta

Tent – sleeps 4
Food storage starter kit
Large first aid kit with case
Steam canner
Walter filter
Dutch oven
Propane stove
Foldable ladders for 2nd story fire escape
Extra propane tank for BBQ or portable indoor heater
Laundry gift Tub – clothes line, clothe pins, laundry soap and wash board.

Note: Any food storage items you know they like will be appreciated. More ideas:

Give a years supply of salt with a year’s supply of popcorn and your favorite popcorn recipes.

Everyone can always use storage canisters. Give a canister or two filled with different kinds of pasta, rice or beans with some of your favorite recipes.

Honey is a great gift. Give any size container of honey with the recipe for honey taffy, honey popcorn or honey cookies; or include a jar of homemade honey butter.

Give a can of oats with a plate of homemade oatmeal cookies.

Give each member of the family their own emergency flashlight.

Give a jar of homemade jam or syrup and a bucket of wheat with your favorite bread or pancake recipe.

Give a cute Christmas towel with a year’s supply of hand soap or dishwashing liquid.

Homemade hot chocolate mix is the best! Include some mugs and the recipe for homemade marshmallows.

Warm gloves or mittens, scarves or stocking caps for each member of the family will be appreciated.

Candles and matches are a great gift. Lanterns and a bottle of lamp oil make an excellent preparedness gift.

Personalize the gifts you give to the likes and tastes of those you are giving to and any food storage gift will be appreciated. It may not seem like a very exciting gift to you, the giver, but to someone who is trying to prepare it just might be their favorite gift.

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