Wednesday, January 19, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesdays - A change of Clothes

One thing that is a must to include in your 72-Hour kits is a change of clothes for each member of the family. Depending on the circumstances, the clothes you are wearing maybe wet, torn, filthy, inappropriate for weather conditions or depending on your situation even just plain inadequate.

Consider your climate when choosing extra clothing. Most people can’t afford to put a whole change of regular clothes, Levis, and shirts, good sturdy shoes and etc but here are some ideas.

First, if you have extra Levis, shirt, sturdy shoes etc that you can include in your kit, great. Just make sure that they will fit children or others in 6 months to a year’s time. Some choose to include sweats for each family member. These are pretty inexpensive, especially this time of year when they start to go on clearance in many stores. If you are worried that sweats would be too warm in a summer disaster, throw in a t-shirt. However remember nights are cooler most everywhere and you may be sleeping in these clothes.

Some people opt to change out the clothes in their kits every 6 months for the season ahead. If you wish to do this, go for it. With my luck, I’d forget the put the colder season clothes in and then I’d need them. Personally I think sweats can be adapted to almost any season by cutting of sleeves or pant legs if necessary. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you include a full change of clothes for each person right down to the underwear.

I’ve heard people say, it’s only for 3 days; we’ll make do with what we have on. Just remember, it is a 72-hour kit but not necessarily a 72-hour disaster. And if it is a disaster of any magnitude, what you have in your kit that you don’t need, will certainly help someone else out.

Choose good sturdy shoes if you can, unless you know for sure that each person will be wearing good sturdy shoes when a disaster hits. Also at least one pair of sox for each person is a must and a pair of gloves also. Stocking caps and other items to keep small ones warm (and big ones too) will always be appreciated in cold weather.

Don’t forget the baby or toddler who may need diapers or more changes of clothes than everyone else. If you keep a well stocked diaper bag that you can always plan on being ready to go in a moment’s notice that would be great.

Begin gathering what clothing you can now and make sure to do it for everyone in the family. On lady said, when I rotate every 6 months, I remove the clothes that the kids might grow out of in another 6 months and replace them so they can wear them before they outgrow them and replace them with clothes that might be a smidgen too big. Good advice.

As you start to collect clothing for your kits, you’ll get a feel for what you need. Remember, in a disaster no one is going to care what you are dressed like so don’t be too worried about fashion. Comfort and warmth is much more important.

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