Wednesday, April 13, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesday - Ponchos & Emergency Blankets

Is anyone else sick of the rainy, damp spring we are having so far? Not much sunshine here lately and it's getting old. Maybe, just maybe, the lack of sunshine has made me a little bit grouchy lately. It started right after we had that one really nice day, and then it snowed 6" a day or two later. Oh well. Water is good, as long as it stays where it should. I know if the temperature warms too fast there could be trouble; deep trouble.

All this rainy weather has me thinking about rain ponchos. They are a must for your kits. If you don’t have any ponchos for your family you can get them almost anywhere. Any emergency supply distributor will have them and I have seen them in some Wal-mart stores and even on occasion in a dollar store. They are very inexpensive, and take up very little space. They are about the size of a 3x5 index card and about ½” thick when they are packaged but open to a full size poncho. They are not fancy but will keep you out of the rain and dry if you happen to be caught in a rainy situation. They are one size fits all but are easily adapted to fit anyone. Grab one for each family member’s kit.

Another thing that is a good idea to have in your kit is an emergency blanket. These too are very inexpensive, about the same size as the ponchos when packed up and will keep you warm. They look like a big sheet of tin foil, but can be used for covering yourself or bedding or whatever. They will insulate you and keep you warm and dry. These too, should be easy to find almost anywhere.

In a situation where there is cold, windy or wet weather, wrapping up in an emergency blanket will lock your body heat inside and keep you warm and dry. If you would rather, you can buy an emergency sleeping bag which is about the same size but works on the same principle except that you can crawl inside of it, like a sleeping bag, and stay totally insulated, warm and dry. They cost a dollar or two more than the emergency blankets, usually $3- $4, but are a great addition to an emergency kit. I think that these just might have innumerable uses during an actual emergency.

If you have other members of your family or friends who are also preparing you can go in together and have any items such as these shipped in a group order for much cheaper. Check out the camping section of your local Wal-mart or Target. It’s always fun to see the various items that are now available.

I'm still collecting recipes for our Food Storage Friendly Meals. If you have one that you'd be willing to share, email it to me at or if there is something specific you'd like a recipe for let us know that too and I'm sure someone can come up with something.

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