Friday, April 29, 2011

Food Storage Friendly Friday - Meal Idea and Tip of the Week

The tip for this week is to gather as many recipes using food storage as you can. You may not have time to try them all, but if you ever have to live on your food storage, you will have recipes to help you use it and enjoy it. There are many resources that have recipes using food storage, some are awesome and others not so good. The thing is that you never know until you try them if you and your family will like them.

There are many different variations for using all the food storage items we have talked about. My favorite food storage recipes are the ones that someone has already tried and recommends. The most important part of this tip to gather recipes is to get them on paper, not just on your computer. You want them printed out and filed in a binder where you can access them even if you have no electricity.

Several months ago, Jodi and Julie at asked for recipes using not only food storage but using shelf stable items. This makes a difference because so many of our recipes that use food storage, also use items that need to be refrigerated or have a short shelf life. These ladies wanted to gather recipes that were tried and true and use ONLY items that you can keep on your shelf as part of your food storage.

We were asked to submit our favorite recipes and told that all the ones that were accepted would be included in a book they were putting together and that everyone who submitted a recipe would get a copy of the book. I sent in three recipes and all three were accepted. Now here is the good news; Jodi and Julie at food storage made easy decided that rather than just give the book to the ones who had recipes in it, they would make it available to everyone for download. We were also encouraged to share it with all our friends. So, today, I’m sharing this book with you. I hope that you will visit the site and download the recipes to your computer and/or print the recipe book to put in your recipe binder.

They will continue to add a few more recipes and pictures of the recipes as they are submitted. This is an awesome resource and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you. I still have to submit the pictures for 2 of my recipes so they will be added soon, but I can tell you that I found some really fun recipes there and I know you will love adding them to your collection.

To download the recipe booklet go to
A great big huge thank you to Jodi and Julie for all their hard work!

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