Friday, July 8, 2011

Food Storage Friendly Friday - Good Water

I am always trying to find beverages that are adaptable to food storage. I’m not very good at drinking water and I think if water was all I had it would be hard for me. Okay, I know I should and I could drink more water than what I do but it is a hard thing for me.

I recently found a beverage that could be easily adapted to combine both the benefits of water and also provide a break from the “ho hum nothing to drink but water” syndrome. This is such a great summertime beverage regardless of why you drink it. It is simple and refreshing and I love this drink.

I’ve seen several versions of this drink on the internet lately. Some call it citrus water, some call it good water, it’s been called lemon water and some even call it water citrus punch. I think the name “good water” fits because it is and I really like it. In fact, I crave it. The heat this past week has caused me to drink a LOT of it.

The first batch I made was way too sweet and I made an orange flavor instead of the traditional lemon. I tried it with oranges, lemons and limes. I’ve used lemon or orange extract and lemon and orange oil. It’s good anyway you make it. I started drinking water with lemon essential oil in it at the suggestion of a health care professional a few years ago to strengthen my kidneys (it cleans the kidneys and is good for them).

I have decided that as much as I like this drink I will keep the ingredients on hand so I can have it any time. It calls for sliced lemons, limes or oranges and while they greatly enhance the flavor it can be made without the fresh fruit, but wouldn’t taste quite as fresh and good.

The citric acid can be purchased from a pharmacy, health food store or online. It was drastically cheaper at the health food store than anywhere else I looked. This was always a staple in punch when I was younger. Many foods contain citric acid. It is used to reduce spoilage in sprouting. It is used in canning, drying or freezing foods. It is also used to making some cheeses.

I will share the basic recipe as well as some variations for you to try. I hope you like it as much as I do. I usually make just half of a batch and keep a pitcher of it in the fridge.

Good Water
5 quarts water
2 c. sugar (Less if you like)
1 T. lemon extract (can substitute orange extract or lemon or orange oil – to use oil in place of extract, use about ¼ the amount of oil as you would extracts. Adjust to suit your taste. (I used about 25-30 drops of lemon oil for a half batch when I made it with oils)
1 T. citric acid
3 sliced lemons
Ice (if serving at a party, reunion or reception)
Store together, add sliced fruit and chill or add to a punchbowl with ice and sliced lemons, oranges or limes or any combo you wish.

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