Wednesday, June 29, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesday - A Comprehensive List

I’m so glad to have my 72-hour kit updated. It really isn’t hard to do but it nags at you until it gets done. Today I am posting a comprehensive list of all the things we have put in our kits over the last 6 months. This is mostly because I want to be able to look at the list, see if there is anything I need to rotate in or out of the kits, any batteries I need to check and anything else I need to add.

I will keep this list with my kits and put a date on it every time I make changes or do rotation. I think this will help remind me to keep it updated, use the food and add new as well as rotating medicines every 3 months.

If you are just starting your kits, you can use this list to check to make sure you have all the basics that we have covered on Wednesdays since January. Please leave a comment if you have any additions or other ideas.

72-Hour Kit Checklist
1. Backpack, duffle bag, rolling suitcase, 5 gallon bucket with lid, large garbage can with wheels or any combo of the above.
2. Flashlight – one for each person and light sticks
3. A change of clothes for each person – consider the seasons
4. Supplies for babies and infants
5. Medications – Ziploc bags for your kit – Start saving Cash for your kits
6. Sleeping Bags – one for each person
7. Individual first-aid kits for each person; a larger kit for one of the adult kits
8. Hand Crank Radio
9. Tools - Camping axe, shovel, pocket knife
10. Breakfast foods
11. Camping stove or no cook foods
12. Lunches and dinners
13. Drinking water
14. Snacks
15. Toilet paper & feminine products
16. Ponchos & Emergency blankets or sleeping bags
17. Hygiene supplies – Soap, Toothpaste & Brushes, Hair bands, Deodorant, Tand towel or wash cloth, anti-bacterial wipes, Kleenex or handkerchiefs, Hand Sanitizer, Nail clippers or file, Tweezers, shampoo, chapstick, razor, sunscreen
18. Important documents
19. Matches (Waterproof in a waterproof container)
20. Toilet Facilities
21. Gloves and hand warmers
22. Ground cover and garbage containment supplies
23. Supplies for children – games & treats, etc.
24. Cash – Small bills and some coin

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