Wednesday, February 9, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesday- First-Aid Kits

I’ve read several discussions where people have asked if it is really necessary to have all the suggested items in your 72-hour kit. Most lists I’ve seen are quite long and some I have seen, like the ones put out by the Civil Defense Program years ago, were up to 3 pages long. I think that you have to decide what you are willing to include and what you don’t want to be caught without.

One thing that is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary is a First-aid kit. I don’t think, however that it needs to be real extensive. Here are my thoughts on the best way to put one together.

First of all remember this is just a small kit for your backpack. I do believe each person should have their own small kit with just the basics; band-aids, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, gauze and tape, some alcohol pads and maybe a triangular bandage. Here is one suggestion that I really like; make a small kit for each child in your family with the above listed items or any items that you see fit. If you wish a basic small kit can be purchased already put together with just the minimum items.

One of the adults should have a more extensive kit which includes things like small scissors, safety pins, triangular bandages (if they are not included in individual kits), a more extensive assortment of band-aids including butterfly bandages for more serious cuts, Rubbing alcohol or alcohol pads, burn ointment, elastic bandage or wrap, calamine lotion, knife, soap, thermometer, fever reducing tablets (Tylenol) adult or child, Ibuprophen (for aches and pains), matches, Ipecac syrup, eye wash, and perhaps a small first-aid Manual if someone is not well trained. The contents of each kit will depend on the ages and number of family members. Your kit needs to be personalized to your needs.

One thing you need to remember as you assemble your kits is that, as we have talked before you need to rotate the items in them every six months. This will also include the items in the first-aid kits. They need to be rotated regularly and updated with new and more current items.

One thing I would suggest for each 72-hour kit is a container of anti-bacterial wipes. These would be an awesome thing for each family member to have. Remember we are also working towards getting cash in your kits. Hope you are putting a little away every chance you get.

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