Wednesday, February 23, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesday - Tools

Part of the preparedness idea of the 72 hour kits is to have the right tools to do whatever is necessary to provide safe shelter and food for your family if you were forced to leave your home during an emergency. When you think about what you might have to do, chopping wood to build a fire to keep warm is at the top of the list.

One thing that is strongly suggested as part of an adult family member’s kit is an Axe. This could be used to cut firewood or kindling or for other emergency uses. There are different sizes of axes that can be purchased for your kit.

Another imperative item might be a shovel which you might use to dig a fire pit, an outdoor latrine, or trenches to detour water in case of a rain storm or just for any unforeseen problems. These too, come in more compact sizes that can fit in your emergency kit.

Smithfield Implement and R&R Hardware are having their “Crazy Daze” sale this week and their camping axe is only $3.97, so it isn’t a huge investment but an ideal one to find. The compact shovels are also very inexpensive.

As a matter of information, if you live close to Smithfield or Tremonton, Utah, they have tons of preparedness stuff on sale from crank flashlights and radios to the tools mentioned above. There are also emergency blankets and sleeping bags for under $3 as well as many different kinds and weights of regular sleeping bags. They have lanterns, 5 gallon buckets with lids, wool blankets, water storage drums and jugs, Dutch ovens, hand wheat grinders and various other items. If you can’t make it in this week, this is still an awesome place to get your emergency supplies even if they aren’t on sale especially for those who live in Northern Utah or Southern Idaho.

Keep working on putting cash away for your emergency kits. Gather the axes and shovels for your kit; and maybe if you get a chance, visit an emergency preparedness store or browse through a catalog or website and take note of some of the preparedness items that are available. Then grab a notebook small enough to carry in your purse and start a wish list. If you plan to get the items when you find them on sale or as you can afford them, it will get done, if we don’t plan, it seems it seldom happens.

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