Wednesday, June 22, 2011

72-Hour Kit Wednesday - Ideas for Kids

If you have children you know that they are the ones who will be the most affected by a disaster. They will have the hardest time if things become unsettled or unfamiliar to them. When you are planning your kits keep in mind that children’s kits need some extra thought as to the things they might need or that will make things easier for them.

If they need a binky, bottles, a blanket that they sleep with, etc. make a note that attaches to your kits to remind you to grab a diaper bag or special blanket in the event you have to evacuate!

Here are some fun ideas for things you can include to keep them entertained if you happen to have an emergency. You know what your kids special interests and favorite things are, so be sure to include some in their kits. Here are some ideas.

Store these items in water proof containers. A plastic bucket is ideal for this. Make it accessible to your emergency kits. Add any other items you think would make things easier for children during an emergency.

Suggested Items:
1.Books & Magazines
2.Paper, Coloring Books, and Activity Books
3.Felt Tip Markers, Colored Pencils, Scissors
4.Notebook and pencils
5.Small Games
6.Children’s card games
7.Small toys
8.Any Hard Candy
9. A soft ball or tennis ball
10. A small soft doll or stuffed animal
11.Children's Vitamins, Pain-Reliever, Cold Remedies, Band Aids, & First-Aid Cream
12.Creative Game List (Below)
17.Wooden Blocks
19.Metal Washers

This is a list of games that children can play out of everyday items.

Clothespins -
1.Drop in a bottle
2.Pitch at a target
3.Clothesline relay

Wooden Blocks -
1.Print letters on cubes. Roll cubes to spell words. First one to complete 10 words wins.

Marbles -
1.Roll them at a target
2.Toss them in a box
3.Old Fashioned Marble Game

Metal Washers -
1. Toss them into numbered cups.

Paper Cups -
1.Tossing Games
2.Blowing Relay
3.Telephone (made with cups and string)

Paper Plates -
1. Toss through a wire coat hanger

Straws -
1.Marble Blow Relay
2.Bean Relay

Spoons -
1.Carry Ball
2.Flip Beans at target
3.Carry Cotton Balls

Feathers -
1.Feather Volleyball: blow feather over string or net
2.Toss them at a target
3.Blow them over the line relay

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