Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make a plan

I live my life making lists. Things to do. Things to buy. People to contact. Christmas lists. Birthday lists. Projects to complete. Things to remember. Shopping lists. Lists of lists to get the picture. The point of all this list making jargon is this - if you don't plan, it won't get done.

It is so easy to think of all the things I want to put in my storage but I have to constantly revise my plan and my lists to be successful in getting what I need.
The above link is to a food storage calculator. One of many available on the internet. Put your information in and calculate what you need to store for your family. It gives you several different catagories to work on for long term storage. Look at what you have already done and make a list of what you have left to do.

Next, take an inventory of items you use all the time, not included in the calculated list. Go thru your cupboards, pantry and if you can, a list of your favorite recipes and meals and decide what you need to have on hand and how much of each item for a year supply. This may seem overwhelming but it will also be an eye opener if you have not done this before.

This is a great project that your kids can help with. They can act as scribe while you inventory or the older ones can help by counting or making lists of different items such as spices, condiments etc.

Start a binder or notebook that you can keep all your information in. Everytime you think of something else you missed that you want to store, add it to the list.

I'm including a sample inventory list of common items you can add to your lists in the amounts you would need to store. Once your lists are as complete as possible you can begin the task of acquiring the necessary items as part of your regular shopping routine. Copy and revise the following list to fit your family's likes and dislikes. I have put an asterisk by some of the more important ones. You may eliminate some and add others. Have fun with your plan.

Baking Ingredients
*Baking chips (butterscotch, milk chocolate, semisweet, white, etc.)
Baking chocolate squares (semisweet, unsweetened)
*Baking powder
*Baking soda
*Corn meal
*Corn syrup
*Cream of tartar
*Extracts (almond, maple, mint, vanilla)
*Flour (all-purpose, bread, etc)
*Gelatin (flavored, plain)
*Milk (evaporated, sweetened condensed)
*Nonstick cooking spray
Nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts)
*Oil (olive, vegetable)
*Pie filling
*Salt and Pepper
**Spices (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc.)(inventory what is on your shelf now that you use all the time)
**Sugar (brown, confectioners’, granulated)
Tapioca, quick-cooking
Baking Mixes (Optional) You can make your own mixes if your store the ingredients
Corn bread
Frosting, canned
*Pudding, instant
Canned or Bottled Foods
*Beans (black, great northern, kidney, pinto, etc.)
*Broth (beef, chicken) (Bouillon cubes are the best storage option)
*Fruits (fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, pineapple, etc.)
*Green chilies
*Jam and Jelly
**Meats (beef, chicken, ham, etc.)
**Peanut butter
Prepared entrées (chili, ravioli, spaghetti, soups, stews, etc.)
Sauces (Alfredo, cheese, picante, spaghetti, Taco, etc.)
Soups, condensed (chicken, mushroom, tomato, celery, etc.)
Tomatoes (diced, paste, sauce, stewed) or tomato powder
*Vegetables (Corn, green beans, peas)
Dried Fruits and Veggies
*Peppers (bell, hot, etc.)
**Bouillon granules (beef, chicken)
Browning and seasoning sauce
Hot pepper sauce
Onion soup mix
Seasoned salt
*Soy sauce
*Taco seasoning
**Vinegar (balsamic, cider, red wine, white, etc.)
*Worcestershire sauce
Bread (pita, sandwich)
Bread crumbs, dry
Crackers (graham, soda, etc.)
Noodle mixes
*Pasta (noodles, macaroni, penne, spaghetti, etc.)
*Rice, instant
Rice mixes
Stuffing mix
Storage, Long-Term*
*Dried beans (black, kidney, navy, pinto, garbanzo)
*Nonfat dry milk powder
*Oats (regular, Instant)
*Potato (flakes, Pearls)
*Rice (instant, long grain etc.)
*Wheat (red or white)
*Egg powder
*Butter powder
**Garden seeds

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