Sunday, June 13, 2010


There are so many things in life that would be nice to have! All of us see things everyday that we want or hope to someday have. Most are just fluff, not a must have. So many good things out there but only a minimal amount of gotta haves.

The same is true of food storage. Sometimes when we contemplate the most important things for food storage we overlook some that aren't as exciting to get and often not talked about as a food storage item at all. I'd love to have cans and cans of dried fruit and delicious and eccentric easy-to-prepare freeze dried entrees; maybe even some delicious exotic storable chocolate!

Today I'm thinking about one of the most vital and important items we can store. It is so very important yet we often procrastinate storing it because it is expensive, takes up a lot of space, and it's easy to store some and then get in a pinch and use it. You know what it is. It has many names; bath tissue, toilet paper, T.P., and as my dad called it, "bum fotter"! Rolls and Rolls of the stuff.

Not only would it be a disaster to not have any stored, it is a serious health risk and could cause serious spread of disease. No need to rotate, just get it and store it.

Start today. Calculate how much you need to store. Keep track of how many rolls your family uses, not on a normal day when the kids are at school and husband is at work, but on a couple of days when everyone is at home. Then figure how many rolls you would need for a full year. Be generous in your calculations. This is a minimum amount that you should store.

Start accumulating it. Store it under your bed, in a garage or basement, in a storage tote or boxes that are hard to get keep you from sneaking into it when your regular supply gets low. Buy as many rolls per week as you can afford. Find where it is the best deal and buy it! If you wait for a sale on this stuff you'll never get what you need.

Storing enough for a family is a daunting task but necessary nevertheless. Get started. Plan, shop and store!

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Becky Beck said...

I will need to take out a small loan to aquire a year's worth of TP for this family of mine :) Made granola on saturday...delish!