Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner is in the Jar - Book Review

I loved this book for a number of reasons:

First: I loved the whole concept of this idea of preparing dinners that are made with food storage ingredients and can be stored on your shelf and made quickly without a lot of preparation. The author refers to them as comfort foods. What a good idea especially for use in an emergency or time of crisis.

Second: This is where I got the information on using mylar bags to dry pack at home. I love this idea and have been doing this ever since. I've dry packed things like baking cocoa that was in a large container and in the way. Now it is in 4 smaller bags that are boxed up until needed.

Third: After purchasing the book I decided I would try making all the recipes in the book, I believe there are about 30 meals. I immediately started gathering ingredients, thinking I had most everything on hand. It was an interesting experience for me to find out what I really needed that I thought I had and also what I'd like to have in storage that I didn't know I wanted before.

Fourth: This book has caused me to look at my own recipes and figure out how I can convert the ingredients in some of them to dry, storable ingredients.

Fifth: It's just a good book. The author has been very cordial, as we have emailed back and forth a few times, answering my questions and giving me helpful suggestions. Her concept in this book is that if you prepare 3 of each of the meals in this book, you will have 90 dinners on your shelf. Don't you just love that idea? For more information on this book go to and check it out.

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Tiffany Daumueller said...

Which recipes are your favorites? I made the Taco Soup and LOVED it, but was not impressed with the Potato Soup. I am trying to make all of the recipes as fast as I can before a get together in a week so I will know my faves and be able to make them with the group. I don't want everyone to go through the trouble of making these meals only to find out that they don't like how they taste. Shelf Reliance Mom